Up Close with David Sullivan

David Sullivan

Current job: Financial advisor at Pacific Advisors.

Proudest professional moment: For me it’s when I make the biggest impact on a client. The most recent one that comes to mind was a married couple who both lost their jobs due to COVID and were forced into retirement about five-six years before they were planning on retiring. The husband was 60 at the time and the wife was 56. The husband also contracted COVID and is still suffering six months later from what is called “COVID long haulers syndrome.” They were working with another advisor whom they had used for several years. When I reviewed the current plan that the advisor had laid out to deal with the forced early retirement I was shocked at how many red flags I saw and the amount of risk they were being told to take on. The chance of failure of was extremely high and the amount of risk seemed unnecessary to me. Long story short their current advisor didn’t have much of a “plan” for them to navigate this situation, but rather was just concerned with how to manage the portfolio in hopes of making it last. I was able to meet with them and come up with a comprehensive plan, looking at all areas of their financial picture. The end result was that I was able to help them generate a much higher income that will last the rest of their lives while taking on far less risk, and having more contingencies against the risks they will face in retirement which include the erosion of purchasing power (from inflation and the potential of rising taxes), market volatility, and potential long term care costs. They are now extremely confident that their lifestyle and income will last the rest of their life and they can focus on their health and getting through this pandemic so they can eventually travel and enjoy their retirement once things open back up.  

First job, and what age you were: I was 13 years old, I worked at a place called the Space Station, which was like a Discovery Zone or Safari Sams. A large place with ball pits, tubes and slides for kids to play in. I worked in the cafeteria. 

Fun fact: I have over 80 hours of tattoos. 

Favorite way to spend a Saturday night pre-COVID: Our weekends pre-COVID were centered around riding motocross and traveling in our motorhome.

Favorite way to spend a Saturday night during COVID: During COVID we have mostly stayed home and played games or watched TV with our children, occasionally having distance game nights with friends and relatives over Zoom. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, local businesses that you have been trying to give some extra love/business to: Boomerang Therapy Works (I’ve had three surgeries during COVID, Boomerang is my go to for physical therapy); local restaurants, which have included Elements, Brickhouse, Smokin’ Oak to name a few. Also, my local network of professionals, which include Aske Insurance Advisors, Shield Family Home Loans and RJL Business Services. 

Favorite movie:  Wow that’s a hard one, so many to choose from. I will just go with my favorite movie for this time of year being the holidays, which is Elf with Will Ferrell.
Music of choice: I like a wide variety of music, lately it has been mostly hip hop and country.
Current favorite place to get takeout/delivery: Elements.
Motto/inspirational quote: “How you do anything is how you do everything.” 



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