Fast-growing branding firm taking industry by storm

Founded earlier this year, Core Brand Solutions already has 2 offices & more than 45 employees

Core Branding

Update — June 2017: We have received several messages from former clients of Core Brand Solutions who are concerned about the company’s business practices. We hope to have a follow-up story in the coming weeks.

Just a half-year after opening its first office, Core Brand Solutions, a Vancouver-based branding and advertising company, is expanding in the face of rapid growth.

With a team that already consists of more than 45 employees, Core Brand works with clients to help them create and outline a media advertising plan.

The company’s main office is located inside downtown Vancouver’s historic Heritage Building (601 Main Street, #100). A second office opened this week in East Vancouver’s Columbia Tech Center.

Leading the company is CEO Nate Eastburn and his two business partners – Angela Eastburn, CFO, and Brett Weaks, COO. Sales manager Joe McCallum heads up the firm’s sales team.

Sales Manager Joe McCallum
Sales Manager Joe McCallum

“We didn’t necessarily plan to start as large as we have, but through working in the sales and advertising industry for several years together, Nate (Eastburn) and I created a bit of a name for ourselves,” said Weaks. “When we left our previous jobs in the Portland area to create this company, people who knew what we had to offer trusted us and wanted to continue working with us.”

Core Brand Solutions has quickly established relationships with businesses around the nation, including regional brands like Shilo Inn, Pizza Schmizza, Kaiser Permanente and Keller Williams.

Much of the company’s early success, said Weaks, has to do with Core Brand Solutions’ creative, innovative approach.

“People have a pretty good idea of what’s lacking in the [advertising] industry and that’s what has allowed us to innovate – to separate ourselves and to cultivate strong reviews and good relationships,” he said. “Our partnerships then create a viral word-of-mouth that Nate, Angela and I have been fortunate enough to experience.”

The other key to success, explained Eastburn, is creating a company culture that’s focused on synergy and working toward a common goal. Cultivating an environment that welcomes open communication, he added, translates into a fun, creative place where the work ethic is strong because people love what they do and are passionate about what they are helping clients create.

CEO Nate Eastburn
CEO Nate Eastburn

Eastburn noted that company incentive trips for top producers build comradery and motivation, bringing the team together and making them feel valued.

“I believe that growing a business is like planting a tree,” he said. “When you plant an apple tree (which just happens to be their logo), you start with picking the best seeds you can find, then you plant them and put them in the best possible light. Next you water and feed them until they grow and eventually take on deeper roots.”

Using the same metaphor, Eastburn said it’s important for Core Brand Solutions to grow deep roots in the local community.

“We buy everything from our local community, as we know it’s important to support other local businesses,” he said. “We’ve joined the Vancouver’s Downtown Business Association and want to become more involved. We have done things like building sheds and fences at little league fields in Lake Oswego as part of a partnership while working with local sponsors and clients. As a business owner, we want to help our customers grow deep roots by offering them a product that sells.”

When asked what the future holds for this young company, Weaks stated simply, “We have nothing but room to grow. This company not only allows people to have a job, but one they can do well at. We want to create a culture that people are looking for and we will be opening more offices in the near future.”