Young, ac•com•plished

Individually, the 20 members of the 2008 Accomplished and Under 40 class are driven, humble, committed to excellence and, most likely, heavily scheduled.

Chosen by a panel of past AU40 honorees, they were recognized Nov. 4 at the Hilton Vancouver. Collectively, they are responsible for significant economic, infrastructural, civic and philanthropic elements in Clark County.

In the workplace, they are executives, financial wizards, developers, event coordinators and more, advancing to those positions often in just a few years.

In the community, this year’s class is particularly devoted to children’s issues, with three-quarters of them volunteering for youth organizations. One works full-time for such causes, receiving no paycheck.

But many of the recipients don’t realize the scale of their accomplishments until they are listed in the newspaper. By and large, they are too concerned with the causes they work for to realize how honorable their work is.

For that reason, the VBJ salutes these community leaders who are certainly accomplished, but have become so by being much more. 


Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt congratulates the Vancouver Business Journal’s 2008 Accomplished & Under 40 award recipients. Standing out among your peers takes dedication, vision, talent, drive and the ability to bring forth not only the best in yourself, but in others as well. Your leadership and accomplishments are an inspiration, and we celebrate you.

All of us at Schwabe honor and thank you for the role you will play as a leader in the future. Our community will benefit from your involvement and success.

Lisa Lowe


Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt