Welding company jumps to Port of Kalama

Rosenbaum Welding, a full-service welding, repair, and fabrication service provider, has moved its long-time welding operation from Woodland to the Port of Kalama.

The company, which also provides mobile roadside services, has specialized in equipment modifications and structural repairs for a vast array of large vehicles and equipment for more than 30 years.

Owner Snyder Rosenbaum said the new 4,200-square-foot facility at the port has already been good for business.

“Port of Kalama offers us an ideal location to both serve our customers in the trucking, heavy equipment and logging industry and offer incredibly easy access to our shop off of I-5 – where our customers travel,” said Rosenbaum. “Many of my clients encouraged me to relocate to this venue and so far business is booming.”

“We welcome Rosenbaum to our growing community of industrial businesses,” said Liz Newman, marketing manager for the Port of Kalama. “Their reputation as a high-quality welding service provider in the trucking and heavy equipment industry is a great fit for this business community. Kalama is perfectly placed to support businesses ready to grow to the next level.”