New healthcare option available for small- and medium-sized employers

As employers throughout Southwest Washington search for solutions to their rising healthcare costs, Clark County-based EverMed is offering them a new perspective.

EverMed’s employer-based direct primary care model, or DPC, has been embraced by several large employers in Clark County for the past several years. Embedding the DPC model into a self-funded plan was EverMed’s entry into the market and continues to be their largest customer base.

Inserting unlimited, no co-pay primary care, while seemingly contrary on the surface, equates to large downstream savings in reducing unnecessary emergency room visits and catching diseases earlier, improving prognosis and decreasing the costs associated.

EverMed’s strategy has been to develop “wrap-plans” with regional and national partners. Wrapping a level-funded healthcare plan or catastrophic plan around the DPC foundational care model can deliver a cost-effective, high value offering for employers to provide to employees and their families. On average, these plans cost 30 percent less than their traditional insurance counterparts.

Trade Associations representing groups of small- and medium-sized businesses have started to adopt these EverMed plus “insert your favorite wrap” model into their enrollment season offerings. The EverMed DPC wrap products can be purchased through employer or association health care benefits consultants and are available for this enrollment season.

EverMed has expanded their independent network of DPC affiliated physician practices to more than 800 nationally, with more than 200 covering the I-5 corridor from Canada to Mexico. For more information on EverMed Direct Primary Care, visit



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