Clark College Declares Penguin’s Fly day May 15

Some people say it’s impossible, but administrators at Clark College maintain it is proven every time a Clark College student transfers to a four-year institution or earns a certificate that could lead to a stable career. For them it is evidence of yet another Penguin flying.

To celebrate the achievements of our students and graduates, and to help raise awareness of the value this institution provides its community the college is launching Penguins Fly day, Friday May 15.

If you believe Penguins can fly, or are a Penguin who’s flow to greater heights here’s how you can participate:

  • Post your own success story or photo on social media (whether that’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) using the hashtag #penguinsfly
  • Participate in Penguins Fly Day on Friday, May 15, by wearing a special “Penguins Fly” sticker on your lapel or shirt
  • On May 15, post photos of yourself and others wearing the Penguins Fly sticker, again using the hashtag #penguinsfly
  • Visit our new web page,, to share your story and read others’ tales of how Clark helped them to “fly”

Encourage others—especially students and alumni, but also coworkers, employers, and community members who appreciate the work Clark does—to participate in the campaign

You can get your Penguins Fly sticker by visiting the Clark College Student Life desk in PUB 160.